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The 14th annual meeting of East Asia section of SIAM has been successfully concluded, and the results of the students paper session are as follows:

First Prize 

Qilong Zhai

(Peking University)

Second Prize 

Xuelei Lin

(Hong Kong Baptist University)

Second Prize 

Tomoyuki Tanaka

(Nagoya University)

About the Student Paper Prize

The EASIAM (East Asia section of SIAM) Student Paper Prizes are awarded every year to the student author(s) of the most outstanding paper(s) submitted to the EASIAM Student Paper Prize competition. This prize is solely based on the merit and content of the students contribution to the submitted paper. The purpose of Student Paper Prizes is to recognize outstanding scholarship by students in applied mathematics or scientific computing. Each recipient of the EASIAM Student Paper Prize shall receive a framed certificate and a cash prize of US$300. Normally, up to three awards will be bestowed.


For this round of competition, the applicant must be a Ph.D student currently or a recent Ph.D graduate (within one year of her/his thesis defense on the application deadline) in universities of East or Southeast Asia.


To enter the competition, each applicant must submit:

(1) a short vitae including her/his list of publications

(2) a complete paper

(3) a letter from the student's adviser that describes and evaluates the paper's contribution to the literature and the student's role in the publication.


The deadline of submissions is scheduled toMarch 22, 2019. (Closed !!!) The applicant should

  • send the above documents (1) and (2) herself/himself, and also

  • ask her/his adviser to send the letter (3).

All the documents should be sent to Dr. Hiroshi FUJIWARA (Kyoto University), Email:  fujiwara (at mark) acs.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Note: All the applicants have the right to give a talk concerning the applied paper. The prize winners will give their talks in the student paper prize session with longer slots. Other applicants are automatically forwarded to a general contributed session where short slots are given as usual. (Thus the applicants need not doubly submit contributed talks to ensure their slots in EASIAM 2019.)

Note: Applicants also need to register themselves at the registration page under the general rule written there. The general rules and past winners can be found at EASIAM.